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My pod hotel or bristleworm trap dont work, its useless!!!!

Ok, so your tired of always having to buy pods over and over. Or you got an excess of bristle worms and they have gotten out of control.

What o what can you do.

I see many many posts, articles and responses by people say product A, or this or that thing is useless it just does'nt work.

When asked more details they have a response similar to this...." I put my pod hotel in the tank for a week, I see no increase in pods and still have to keep adding more" or "I put this bristle worm trap in my tank, put some food in it, now its been two days and i've not caught one bristle worm, I mean I see there everywhere, but the wont go in the trap, Its useless Junk!"

Ok, lets start with a simple sentence..."YOU.. must season these new items in your tank for several weeks (2-3 weeks)" Ok, so what is seasoning an item mean? Everything that lives long term in your aquarium's creates and gets this bio-film coating on it. When something new is added to your tank that bio-film does'nt exist yet, so most critters espicially small ones that primarily hunt via smell and touch avoid them like the plague. So you need to "season your items". Basically all you have to do is place the bare item in your sump if you have one, or behind your rocks out of sight out of mind for a few weeks. Depending on what its made of determines how quick you get a bio-film on it. Every single item that is inside your tank gets this film, its perfectly natural. In fact im sure your aware of it, even if you did'nt know you were. Have you ever grab something out of your tank and it feels kinda slimy? Well that the bio-film that you need and completes the cycle of "seasoning" an item.

99% of time, if you season your product before trying to use it for its actual use, will work just as described when you decided to buy it.

So, if your ready to give it a try again be sure to check out our Pod Hotels and Bristleworm traps.

Both of these items are also available at JustFish in Biloxi, Ms. and Oceans Corals in Mobile, Al.